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Luxury Egypt holidays
lovely Egypt
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Luxury Egypt holidays

lovely Egypt


Luxury Egypt holidays

When visiting Egypt, you can book your holiday through us wherever your destination may be. We offer a wide range of services ranging from accommodation at some of Egypt’s finest hotels, resorts and Nile cruises, transportation during your visits, in addition to travel packages and tours all over the country, including Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada in the Red Sea, and historical cities such as Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. From all-inclusive holidays to luxury holidays, all your travel needs are within your reach



Cairo, the city that has never known how to sleep, isn’t only Egypt’s capital, but it’s the budding heart and the exuberant side of the serene land of the Nile. When you visit Cairo, you will never run out of things to do and see, as this city never fails to surprise its visitors. It is the ultimate blend of the grandeur of one of the world’s oldest civilizations and the modern day’s activities. As soon as you get there, the first thing you will be doing is joining the bee-lines that are formed around the Pyramids; but don’t waste the whole time there, as this city has much more beyond these remarkable edifices.

A large portion of the cultural and historical heritage of Egypt revolves around old Cairo; so when you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity of being taken on an enchanting tour to envision the glorious times of a once by-gone era. From the narrow streets of old Cairo, Coptic treasures, and Islamic Monuments and historical buildings which are punctuated by mosques, edged by the city gates and presided over with the Citadel. Cairo also never runs out of plentiful must-see sights.

As the sun sets, the Nile River lights up with cruising restaurants and feluccas (sail boats), and the boisterous city starts to unleash its nightlife surprises.  The city has dozens of nightspots and a variety of settings where you can enjoy your night. Cairo’s bustling nightlife is diverse and has something for everyone, from quite intimate nights to those wild ones and from the austere dinner experiences to the posh five star service overlooking the Nile at a grand city hotel. Whatever your choice is, you can be sure to enjoy a night out. Lovers of traditional folklore may enjoy performances by talented artists at  the Cairo Opera House. Cairo caters to all tastes, so if you are well cultured, and if exploring new cultures is part of your journey, then El Sawy Wheel  makes an idyllic place for you. That isn’t all what the sprawling metropolis has to amuse you, as it invites you to relive the legend of the mysterious pharos at the Sound & Light shows  by the plateau of the great pyramids of Giza.

Dining in Cairo is a culinary adventure, as it offers a variety of the finest restaurants that serve different international cuisines, but if you really want to get introduced to the genuine taste of Egypt, you have to try its local cuisine. The Egyptian cuisine isn’t about tossing up delicious recipes, but it has something that suites that palate of one and all. Egyptian cuisine is served at the Imperial restaurants.

When your visit comes to an end, don’t pack up and fly back just yet, as there are some places where you need to stop by and grab a reminder of your holiday in Egypt. In addition to Khan El Khalily , Cairo boasts an extensive collection of shopping outlets  from where you can buy souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones.


Alexandria, Egypt’s second capital, is a true Mediterranean jewel that hovers between illusion and reality, between substance and poetic images, it’s the city developed from a mere anchorage to “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”. Alexandria has first come to existence when the young Macedonian leader, Alexander the Great, chose it to become the capital of Greco- Roman Egypt in 332 B.C. It wasn’t only an ancient Egyptian center for learning, but it was also a historical setting that witnessed the stormy relationship between Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

Alexandria has an inimitable charm that you cannot resist, no matter how hard you tried. It is famed for its great library , the Pharos lighthouse , one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Although it is now only a shadow of its once cosmopolitan self, Alexandria still contains several sights of religious interest, including temple ruins , a Coptic cathedral , exceptional museums , and several stunning mosques .

Alexandria is second to none when it comes to combining history with attractions. It has a lot to offer from sightseeing , water sports, to entertainment . While youre strolling through Alexandrias quaint, exciting and diverse belle époque buildings and grand squares, savor the amazing good coffee and French pastries served up by its restaurants. You can also enjoy the freshly caught fish served by the Cornices’ Restaurants. Find just what youre looking for in Alexandrias eclectic and fashionable shopping malls.

If you’re a sport enthusiast, then Alexandria is your place to be. It is one of three cities that participated in hosting the African Nations Cup in 2006. It has several stadiums, but the recently built Burj Al Arab stadium is the only place that you need to be while watching a thrilling game. Other sports, such as tennis, Golf and squash, are played primarily in private clubs, such as Alexandria Sporting Club, Smouha Club, and Lagoon Resort Courts. Along the shore visitors can also find water sports, including surfing, jet-skiing, and water polo. Scuba diving is another good bet here. Divers have plentiful locations to choose from, including Pharos Island, where it is possible to glimpse the ruins of the famous Lighthouse.

Alexandria is the mythical city that nobody continues to unleash more of its surprises. This city never seizes to surprises the world with its newly discovered treasures. The new discoveries that took place in the eastern harbors have unearthed hundreds of objects, including what experts believe are the remains of the Pharos Lighthouse, and in the south east part of the harbor archaeologists have apparently found the Royal Quarters, including granite columns and fabulous statues. In addition to one of Isis’ statues and a sphinx with a head that is thought to be Cleopatras father. There may vary well be an underwater exhibit in the future.


Sharm El Sheikh

the city of peace, is your ticket to a world of unlimited rewards. It has what satisfies all tastes and inclinations. If you are a nature lover, relaxation seeker, or an adventure enthusiast, then Sharm El Sheikh is your ideal holiday destination.

Sharm El Sheikh is a memorable retreat at the Red Sea, standing as one of the world’s premier destinations. It enjoys year around sunshine and boasts an array of attractions  catering to different travelers.

The area consists of downtown Sharm El Maya, the busy Naama Bay  and Sharks Bay  further up the coast. Sharm El Sheikh, the holiday destination that will leave you with breathtaking memories is the most popular destination in South Sinai. It is also a perfect base from which to explore the region’s stunning coastline and rugged interior. You can dive, snorkel or simply paddle in the waters of the Red Sea at  Ras Um El Sid , Turtle Bay  and the Strait of Tiran . You can also visit the amazing national park of Ras Mohamed.

The city is renowned for housing one of the world’s best diving sites . The dazzling diversity of corals and aquatic species offer a picturesque adventure over the surface and through the depths of the Red Sea. For those who enjoy watching the splendid marine life of the Red Sea without being involved in any diving or snorkeling activities, there are scheduled submarine or glass boat trips that could be arranged. For the more adventurous travelers, mountain climbing is an intriguing experience in Sharm El Sheikh, given its mountain landscape.

Apart from aquatic activities, you can take a camel trek into the desert to visit Bedouin villages, mystical oases, or the mangrove forests of Nabq . Or you can stay in town, and enjoy the most exotic culinary experience at one of its world class international restaurants.

If you are looking for a luxurious lifestyle, then Sharm El Sheikh is the place to be as the city boasts an extensive collection of the world’s high-end hotels & resorts. At night, the city thrives on the variety of nightlife  and entertainment choices; there are plenty of bars, discotheques, and clubs.

After your trip to Sharm El Sheikh comes to an end, stop at its various shopping outlets  to bring a souvenir for your loved ones. Shops offer beautiful handicrafts and other magnificent options to choose form.


 is the comprehensive seafront destination where the sun shines every day. Its sparkling sandy beaches, majestic deserts and superb climate makes it the sanctuary of absolute serenity and the land that opens up unlimited new adventure possibilities.

Hurghada is the ideal relaxed and laid back destination that is more than suitable for those who love to take part in exploring aquatic recreation. The city is eminent for its magnificent underwater garden offshore and mesmerizing coral reefs that are considered one of the best in the world. Hurghada’s warm crystal waters provide a gateway to ultimate diving or snorkeling experiences through which an extensive variety of underwater species and reefs can be witnessed. With its abundant prime diving sites , Hurghada is the destination that will introduce you to new ways of enjoying undersea views. You can take a glass-bottom boat ride that cruises over some beautiful coral reefs, where you can see a variety of brightly colored fish and maybe even sharks, or you could head underwater and take a ride aboard one of the small submarines.

Those who seek less dynamic activities can enjoy the sunny atmosphere and lucid water by going on deep sea fishing trips to uninhabited locations such as the Giftone Island , Abu Menkar Isle , or Mahmya Beach , or they can enjoy discovering Hurghada’s marine life’s treasures at the Aquarium . Other favorable activities include windsurfing, sailing, submarine tours, and glass bottomed boat excursions that provide vistas of the underwater world are also available. You may also be surprised to find a number of alluring historical landmarks & Monuments around the city. 

Jeep, camel, and quad biking safaris are among many activities that you will find around Hurghada’s fascinating deserts. Hurghada’s eastern desert is an enchanting and vast landscape of sand, rocks, oases and mountains, and is also home to the Bedouins. While you are there, a ride to a Bedouin village can’t be missed, as you will learn about Bedouin life, heritage and traditions.

Hurghada, the special community where local habits and culture is presented next to resort lifestyle and behavior, embraces a diverse collection of museums & art galleries  that present an assortment of flora and fauna of the Red Sea.

The town is ample with nightlife destinations , including restaurants for fine dining, cafes that serve food, drinks and Shisha, in addition to a variety of discothèques and pubs that feature a diversity of DJS and artists, making Hurghada an exquisite party town. The city is also renowned for its booming shopping promenades  that have endless shopping options.


Imagine a very large and natural outdoor museum, and Luxor will more than measure up to the vision. Built on the 4,000-year old site of ancient Thebes, once ruled by great pharaohs such as Ramses II, this fascinating city stands on the east bank of the Nile and quite literally, resonates with history. As well as incredible backdrops against its busy centre, the flat plains around it offer endless treasures. Yet for all these ancient relics, Luxor remains a lively modern city, pulsing with colorful life, bazaars and 4 and 5 star hotels which provide visitors with placid retreats from their action-packed itineraries.

Your first must-see here is the incredible Temple of Luxor  in the heart of the modern town. Gaze wide-eyed at the incredible Obelisks  built by Ramses II and wonder at an unimaginably long-gone world, and then finish up with a tour of the Mummified Museum . Luxors two other highpoints lie outside the city. Head north to gaze at the Temple of Karnak , a jaw-dropping series of vast shrines and pillars. Across the Nile the legendary Valley of the Kings , with its 62 hill-carved tombs, including those of Tutankhamun and Ramses II, awaits your presence. Descend into the eerie hieroglyphic-inscribed burial chambers and youll feel totally humbled. When you can lift your jaw off the floor - dont forget the haunting Valleys of the Nobles and Queens also on the West Bank - head back to your hotel or cruise ship to cool off in the pool or at the bar, the latter providing the nightlife of choice for most visitors here. Youll need time to recharge your batteries for the next day’s time traveling, after all.


            If a simple hippy lifestyle is what you are searching for, then come and visit this serene city. Situated approximately 200 kilometers from Sharm El Sheikh , Taba is a charming resort ideally positioned to meld beautifully into the overwhelming untamed desert, the natural backdrop of unspoiled mountains, and the pulsating sea.

Its magnificent tranquil atmosphere makes it the perfect sanctuary of your dreams; and its splendid surroundings are complemented by a diversity of lavish hotels to provide an unrivalled experience combining comfort and leisure.

Taba is abundant with water sports that include windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing, sailing, and canoeing. Its extravagant location makes it the perfect place for snorkelers and divers who seek a sensational adventure in exploring the prosperous natural marine life. It’s also home to one of the world’s most colorful diving sites .

For non-divers, the hotels in Taba offer plenty of other activities, such as golf, water-sports, camel rides, quad bike rides and boat-trips. A visit to the stunning landscapes of the Sinai Desert is a must while holidaying in Taba, as is a traditional Bedouin dinner under the stars. Taba is ideally placed to explore the fascinating historical sites of the area, being at the point where Egypt, Israel and Jordan meet. Visit the stunning St. Catherine Monastery , climb the majestic peak of Mount Sinai  or take a trip to Pharaohs Island .

With the peaceful beauty of its Bedouin camps offering simple accommodations with unbeatable views of the sea, Taba will be the place where you get in touch with yourself and others.

el baharia oasis

   If you want to feel the thrill of a true desert exploration, then you have to visit Bahariya Oasis. Bahariya Oasis, Egypt’s most peaceful oasis, accommodates a vast array of natural recourses and a significant assortment of historical relics and monuments. It is situated in a depression about 30 kilometers away from Cairo, and Bawati  is its capital

After an exciting trip in the desert, head to the springs to wash up. The oasis is renowned to produce approximately 400 minerals and hot sulfur springs, most imperatively are Bir Hakima, Bir Haifa, Bir Al Matar and Bir Al Ghaba. Moreover, there are the exceptional springs of Ein El Bishmo that are exclusive in the flow of both cold and hot water from distinct sources to blend through cracked stones in a rocky creek.

Bahariya Oasis,  an unspoilt refugee, isn’t only the place where you can sense adventures through desert safaris and excursions, but it is also the place that will take you on a journey through the mysterious life of the Pharaohs. It is home to most antiquities and relics that belong to the 26th dynasty that is also known as the Saite Period. One of the major archeological sites to visit is Alexander the Great Temple . Another interesting monument is the largest Ptolemaic necropolis dedicated to the Ibis bird, an object of religious veneration in ancient Egypt. The Valley of the Golden Mummies  is a must see site too.

Bahariya Oasis is your entrance gate to a supernatural holiday where you can blend the sense of adventure with the simplicity of the Bedouins’ life. The attractive scenery of palm trees along with the magical sand dunes and the Bedouin folklore will gather to grant you with the most pleasurable holiday


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